iCombi Pro 61E

iCombi Pro 61E

Product Specification

Brand Rational
Cooking System Dimension 850 x 804 x 842 mm (W x H x D)
Maximum Working Height Top Rack Less than or equal to 1.60 m
Maximum Loading Quantities/Rack 5 kg
Electrical Connected Loads 10.8 kW
Steam Mode Output 9.771 kW
Convection Mode Output 10.25 kW
Fuse 16 Amp
RCD Model F
Model Name/Number ICP 061 E

Product Description

Intelligent functions:

  • Intelligent climate management with accurate moisture measurement, setting and control
  • The actual measured humidity in the cooking chamber can be set and retrieved
  • Dynamic air turbulence in the cooking chamber through 1 intelligently reversing high-performance fan wheels with 5 fan wheel speeds, intelligently controlled and manually programmable
  • Intelligent control of cooking paths with automatic adjustment of the cooking steps to the defined desired result, e.g. browning and degree of cooking, safely and efficiently. Regardless of the operator, the size of the food and the loading quantity
  • Precise monitoring and calculation of browning based on the Maillard reaction, in order to reproduce optimal cooking results