SP 40HA - SP 60HA

SP 40HA - SP 60HA

Product Specification

Usage/Application Commercial / Large
Bowl Volume 40ltr
Power Source Electric
Used for Making Bread, Biscuit/Cookies, Pizza
Motor Power(in HP) 1-2 HP
I Deal In New Only

Product Description

Spar Mixer controls are front-mounted to give easy access to cramped kitchen environments. The following controls are standard on all Spar Mixers: separate start and emergency stop buttons so operators can shut down the mixer immediately in an emergency situation, and thermal overload protection. Heat-treated, hardened alloy, precision-milled gears operate with planetary action. Gears are packed in a long-lasting, high-pressure grease. Planetary gears are driven by direct linkage to the motor drive shaft. This design yields high-torque mixing power.

Standard equipment includes a high-quality stainless steel bowl, dough hook, flat beater, and whip. A sturdy hand lever on the body column raises and lowers the bowl as well as locking in place at the top and bottom positions